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When someone talk about electric bicycle, the very first image they envision may be a scooter or electric motorcycle. However, they really look very different. Just picture a normal bicycle, then adds a number of electrical parts to it like a motor, a battery, along with a controller- all seamlessly integrated into the bike. These products make up the fundamentals of all electric bicycles around the market!
Electric bikes pedal and handle just like a regular bicycle. It uses nearly exactly the same components as ordinary bikes. The electric part is meant to augment human energy, not completely replace it. It makes obstacles like hills and headwind much more manageable and allows you to travel further without getting as tired.
Electric bicycles are like normal bikes, but depend on 3 components operating together to operate: The electric motor, the battery and also the drivetrain. The electric motor is the single most important function of an electric bike. The various types of motors that may be found on most electric bikes would be the front hub, rear hub and mid-drive motor. Most electric bikes nowadays provide three riding modes: pedal only, pedal assist or electric only(throttle only). Thanks to the development of battery technologies, most of the electric bicycles now apply with lithium battery, which offers longer range and lighter weight to the whole bike. Charging the battery is as easy as plugging it into any wall outlet. High quality batteries possess a life span of about 800-1000 charges while less expensive batteries last between 500-800 charges. The drivetrain is a very important part to supply the power and torque necessary to manually turn the wheels from the bicycle. Most drivetrains also permit the rider to shift gears to allow it easier or harder to pedal.

Giantplus focuses on the development and production of electric bikes. We welcome OEM/ODM orders. Here are our model collections. Talk with us whenever or whatever you need for your electric bicycle business. We are here to work with you and grow with you.

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