16 years’ experience focusing on the development and production of folding electric vehicles.

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Nowadays more and more people attempt with the motorized electric scooters as fantastic sport and an option to public transport. It is not only because zipping about the city on electric scooters looks cool but also electric scooter itself has numerous benefits. They are simple to ride, simple to assemble and offers great mobility. The electric scooters primarily consist of four main components: the motor, the battery, the controller and the throttle. Putting all these components into a scooter frame is what to make an electric scooter. The electric scooters are handy and funny ways of transport. You can go anyplace; on roads and streets and enjoy making local errands fun, quick and simple. You can ride the electric scooters even in the corridor of your house or shopping malls. Electric scooters are the cheerful way of transportation as well. Riding an electric scooter would make you feel like skiing on land. Electric scooters are cheap and affordable as they do not consume gasoline or any petroleum-based fuels, so are environment friendly. Giantplus as one of the earliest manufacturer designing and producing of electric scooters has a professional and unique understanding of such vehicles. All our scooters are so compact developed that they can be stored in very limited space anywhere inside your home, your car trunk or wherever you go. You are able to even access public transport buses or trains with the electric scooters.

All our electric scooters can even be folded and portable. All our models imply with good quality lithium battery and capacity can be customized. Light weighted, foldable and portable is the basic concept for all of our motorized electric scooters. We make them with aluminum alloy frame to lighten the weight so that even lady can carry them easily. Now our models have been sold to all over the world. Buyers can customize their own logo, color and packing. If you want to be successful with the electric scooter business, then there is no reason to avoid cooperating with us. Our strong R&D team can always keep you stand forward the electric scooter market. Win the market with patented model and exclusive distributorship. Then we both sides can win.

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